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Through our extensive international and local connections, EquipMining can source any of your equipment needs while arranging all aspects of the equipment procurement process including sourcing, evaluation, shipping, logistics, customs and quarantine clearance.

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Case Studies

Sierra Leone

EquipMining was contracted by Ausenco, a major Australian mining consultancy, to procure and deliver all mobile equipment for the processing plant at the massive Tonkolili Iron Ore mine in Sierra Leone. At the time, the mine was owned by African Minerals based in London. The contract included delivery of large Caterpiller Wheel Loaders and all associated support equipment for mining operations.

EquipMining facilitated negotiations between Ausenco, African Minerals and local government officials to safely deliver the machinery to the greenfield site 300km from a port in central Sierra Leone through dangerous and inhospitable territory. Remote and in a country just recovering from war, this was a project that nobody else was willing to touch due to the risk and complexities of the negotiations required with insurance companies, port and government officials and local chieftains en-route.

Brazil - Australia

From a remote iron ore mine in the Amazon Basin in Brazil, EquipMining procured the delivery of Komatsu 830E 240 tonne electric trucks to Australia. The complexity and remoteness of the mining equipment and stringent Australian quarantine rules required decommissioning and dismantling to original OEM shipping specifications and cleaning to AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Services) standards. Procurement involved negotiation with Brazilian inland transport companies, permits to transport through challenging terrain, local labour hire and shipping arrangements at port.

Australia - India

EquipMining secured the delivery of 2 X P&H 4100 Electric Shovels from a BHP mine site in Australia to a Thriveni Earthmovers managed mine in India. The procurement required significant planning and logistics for both dismantling and delivery. In Australia, EquipMining managed all required logistics including support equipment for dismantle, cranes, transportation and road closures with adherence to strict Australian standards. The 10 month process required negotiation with mining and transport companies, labour hire, mine and union compliance and all onsite mining induction requirements. EarthMach negotiated the delivery into India, managing customs requirements, road restrictions and access, and navigating bridge and road limitations.

Europe & Brazil - Mongolia

Procuring mining equipment from across the globe including South America, Australia and Europe, EquipMining supplied a wide range of mining equipment for various mine sites in Mongolia. The critical challenge of this massive operation was the requirement for uniform arrival of equipment for commencement of mining operations. EarthMach successfully rose to the occasion, chartering ships and managing the simultaneous packing, logistics, land transport, ocean freight and customs clearances across four continents. The procurement included the complete spare parts inventory, consumables and drills from a closed Nickel mine in Brazil, a 400 tonne Towhaul trailer and Cat 789 tractor from Australia, and 2 X Caterpiller 6040 unused shovels from The Netherlands.

Global - New Caledonia

During the construction of the then greenfield Goro Nickel mine in New Caledonia, EquipMining secured the contract to procure and deliver all the mining support equipment.  Overcoming significant local objection to the mine development on the island, EquipMiningh worked with local authorities and stakeholders to deliver shiploads of mining equipment including workshop tools and equipment, mining support vehicles, support trucks and crane trucks.